Education & Training
BP WebinarTPC has produced a host of corporate presentations designed to enhance employees’ knowledge and make them more valuable contributors.  From video presentations on safety to webinars on topics as diverse as sales and marketing to effective negotiating to legal continuing education, TPC has worked with some of the largest enterprises in the world.

We have developed special expertise by successfully producing hundreds of live and on-demand webinars for clients.  This kind of training presentation offers several benefits when compared to traditional training.  The information and knowledge reach a wider audience – almost anywhere in the world. 

Webinars are convenient because employees can view them without interrupting other important work for their company.  And they are extremely cost-effective – reducing the need for huge travel budgets and eliminating large amounts of employee downtime due to travel.

Besides recording and streaming these training presentations, TPC can also provide the support of a Learning Management System (LMS), if needed, to track participation and test retention.  

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