At TPC, we are storytellers.

While we have the facilities to support our work, we are a creatively-driven firm.  We are writers, producers, directors and editors who are at our best when asked to take a client message and deliver it to an audience in a unique and entertaining way. 

We achieve this with a disciplined approach that includes analyzing your message and considering its impact on your audience.  While utilizing this approach, we also bring to bear our extensive experience from creating stories for broadcast television programs.  And we don’t do this in a vacuum.  We are always evaluating the results as we go and getting feedback from you.

Whether it’s a corporate film, a web cast, a documentary or a major entertainment program, in the end all of us appreciate a good story, well told.  At TPC we love this stuff.

Have a story to tell?  Call TPC at (713) 840-7575 or Contact Us.