Business to Business,

Business to Consumer and
Internal Communications

are all key components of a company’s communication strategy.

At TPC we work with many of the world’s top organizations to create high quality and cost effective webinars and webcasts.

Webcasting allows companies to reach large, dispersed audiences by streaming content over the Internet, either live or on demand. TPC has assisted large enterprises in using webcasting technology for investor relations, corporate communications, training, and large-scale B2B and B2C marketing communications lead generation opportunities.

Experience has taught us that one of the biggest advantages of video webcasting comes in the form of employee engagement. Traditional communication streams like memos, company-wide bulletins, or even live audio streams tend to fall flat, leaving employees disinterested and unengaged. Interactive companywide webcasts allow executives to communicate with their company on a broad scale, while maintaining a personal touch.

TPC clients see that the video feed increases attentiveness and engagement, leaving employees feeling like they know their executives and their goals better after the webcast. Video streaming makes it possible for corporate executives to communicate and build bonds with employees on the front lines, creating a strong company culture and a more committed workforce.

If you are an organization with a geographically diverse audience, talk to TPC about live webcasts and on-demand webinars. They should be part of your communications tool box.